SSL Security Upgrade Service

Our SSL Security Upgrade Service will secure all of the pages on your website. After the SSL upgrade every page on your website will have the lock icon to the left of your website address.


We’ll need to take a look at your website to give an exact price, but here are general guidelines.

Basic HTML website $180 – $280
WordPress website 1 – 30 pages $280 – $460
WordPress website over 30 pages $460 – $560

Use the form on the right (or below on mobile) to request a firm quote.

Note that the pricing above does not include the price of the security certificate. If your website host allows us to use Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, that’s what we’ll use. Other SSL certificates can range in price from $10 to over $100 per year.

Our SSL Security Upgrade Service Explained

We’ll take the following steps to secure your website:

1. Create a backup copy of your website.

2. Install the security certificate from the vendor of your choice.

3. Locate and update all internal links (URLs) within your website that point to “HTTP”. These links include images used on pages, embedded videos, scripts, forms, and links to other pages within your website. Every internal URL has to be changed from HTTP to HTTPS which is the time-consuming and most technical part of the process.

4. Redirect all “HTTP” page requests to the new “HTTPS”. Any link to your website from other websites will probably be to your old non-secure “HTTP” address. A redirect will ensure that these old links go to the new HTTPS page. In addition the redirects notify the Google and Bing search engines that your website has a new secure address.

5. Test the newly secured pages throughout the website to ensure every page has the secure lock icon.

Companies that offer to install the SSL Certificate often do not include the process of updating all internal URLs, adding the redirects, and testing the entire website. They simply install the certificate and leave the rest of the details to you or your web developer.

If the entire process isn’t done correctly your website may have an SSL certificate installed yet still not show the lock icon as shown below.

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