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Why Lead Generation Websites for Financial Advisors are Often a Bad Idea

One of my financial advisor clients recently asked, “I would like for my website to become a lead generation tool, what can you suggest?” It’s a great question and one I’ve thought about plenty of times over the years. The…
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Why Your Website Needs an SSL Security Certificate

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox began setting up notifications for websites without security certificates in 2016. Finding out if a website was “secure” used to require clicking the little “i” info button on the browser address bar as shown below…
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How to Make Sure Your Website is in Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Making sure your website is ADA compliant will provide an easy way for individuals with a disability to find the information they seek about your firm. More importantly, ADA compliance is also important to avoid a lawsuit or government action….
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The Value of Good Design

A great law firm or financial advisor with an ugly website will succeed if they attain great results for their clients, so why bother making their website better? Websites like Craigslist prove the point that even with practically no attention…
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For Financial Advisors, Blogging and Social Media are a Waste of Time and Money – What Really Counts Online

Most financial advisors shouldn’t blog or have a large social media presence. The results are simply not worth the money, time, and effort involved. While this view cuts against the grain of current marketing dogma, we’re certain all but the…
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The Proper Role of Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors

As a follow up to our recent article – For Financial Advisors, Blogging and Social Media are a Waste of Time and Money – What Really Counts Online – we wanted to provide some thoughts about the proper role of…
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