À La Carte Pricing

For the additional details you might need.


Domain moves — $360

If you need your domain moved to another registrar we can assist with the move. Domain moves take a bit of time and care to execute and it's best if you have some expert help, although for you to have full ownership you'll have to take part in the process. If your domain is at a subpar provider or if you don't currently have full ownership and access you'll need to move your domain before we launch your new website. Our domain moving services add $30 per month to the setup fee ($360).


Design modifications or special graphics — $120/hour

Content modifications are included in two of our standard plans but you may want to redo parts of the design layout. If so, we can help! Design modifications are available and priced at our hourly rate - currently $120/hour. Most design modifications take from two to four hours.


Copywriting services — requires quote

Copywriting services, beyond what we offer for each plan are available and priced at our hourly rate. We'll quote a time estimate upon your request.


E-Book or whitepaper download — $360

If you have an e-book or whitepaper that you would like to offer to website visitors we can help with the download setup. Our e-book and whitepaper download setup is priced at $360 ($30/month added to the setup fee).


Video editing on Mill Run design — requires quote

We can remove or add video clips to the video background banner on the Mill Run design. Additional stock video clips are typically $75 - $150 each. Our video editing services are $150/hour and simple edits usually take less than an hour.


Additional pages — $460 each

What, you allow more than just three pages? Yes we do! If you have a reason for needing an additional page we can add it (and there are often good reasons). The cost is $38/month added to the setup fee per extra page ($460/page).


Build website with WordPress — starting at $4,500

We can build any of the Just Three Pages designs in WordPress which would provide you with a blog and as many pages as you need. Our WordPress websites start at $375 per month for 12 months ($4,500).

Are we missing something you need?

Let us know if there's a feature you would like that we don't show pricing for. Chances are we can take care of it for you. For any questions or suggestions call us at 706-338-1464 or email us.